Triangle Bra: Weightless enough so you may even forget you’re wearing it, triangle shaped cuts offer the perfect amount of coverage for those that don’t need full support.

T-Shirt Bra: Another name for a Contour Bra, a T-Shirt Bra features molded, seamless cups with a thin layer of foam to add shape and prevent nipple show-through.

Plunge Bra: Designed with a low cut for when you want to show off your girls, the deep front silhouette and angled cups give the appearance of increased cleavage.

Underwire Bra: Providing you the shape you need to build the strong foundation you’re looking for, an actual “wire” runs under the cups of the bra.

Padded Bra: When you want to enhance your assets, padded styles lift, shape, and flatter what you’ve got.

Molded Bra: Designed to mirror the natural shape of breasts, a Molded Bra has cups that are machine molded using a single piece of fabric that doesn’t require seams.

Contour Bra: Also known as a T-Shirt Bra, a Contour Bra has cups that hold their shape, even when not being worn. The cups are seamless, molded, and shaped with foam to prevent nipple show-through, offering coverage and control.

Light Support: Cutaway wings and minimal banding under the cups offer lighter support for smaller breasts.

Lined Cup: Lining in the cup of a bra, which lends another layer of support and helps limit nipple visibility.

Foam Lined Cup: A bit more modest, foam lined cups prevent nipple show-through. Thinner than a padded bra, foam lining helps create a natural silhouette without adding size.

Tank Bra: With a higher neckline, a Tank Bra feels fashion while still serving function. No pushing and no padding keep this style easy but still supportive, with an elastic band for fit.

Sports Bra: For when you’re on the move, a Sports Bra is all about performance. Its scooped neck and elastic banding are fit for every workout.

Balconette Bra: Another version of the Demi Cup Bra, a Balconette features a specific horizontal cut across the bust with cups that are seamed to give a corseted look.

Bandeau Bra: Often made from a single wide band of fabric, this strapless knit is a comfortable and versatile option for those who don’t need much structure or support.

Strapless Bra: An underwire bra with wide sides and no, or removable, straps. Oftentimes silicone is stitched into the upper and lower bands of a Strapless Bra to prevent it from slipping during wear.

Bralette: Generally less structured, a Bralette is like a bra’s little sister, coming in t-shirt sizing, rather than standard cup sizes.

Halter Bra: With straps that fasten behind the neck, this bra is often the choice for backless dresses.

Convertible Bra: Designed to be worn in many different ways, the straps on a Convertible Bra beg for creative configuration.

Demi: The Demi cup is designed with a portion of the upper half of the cup cut away, leaving the upper part of the breast exposed. Demi Bras also generally feature wider-set straps.

Seamed Bra: Structured with seams running through, a Seamed Bra provides more support since seams are typically stitched to the exact cup size and measurements of the bra.

Seamless Bra: Designed to give a smooth and transparent look under clothing, a Seamless Bra has cups that have been molded into a permanent shape and fit.

Center Panel: Also known as a Bridge or Center Connector, the Center Panel is the small piece of fabric that connects the two cups of a bra in the front.

Stabilizers: A more rigid piece of fabric that limits the stretch of certain parts of the undergarment to allow for better support.

Cookies: Inserts added to the cup of a bra to help change the appearance or shape of the breast, or to fill the cup further.

Brief: A cut of underwear with a waistband that sits at or just below the navel to provide full back and side coverage.

Full Coverage Brief: Designed with curves in mind, full coverage means things stay covered while your figure gets flattered.

High Waist Brief: Supportive high-waist underwear that gives you shape by tucking it all in when you don’t want to have to suck it all in.

French Cut: A standard brief with a little more flash, the French Cut is cut to hit all the right angles.

Tap Short: Like short shorts, the barely-there style was designed for the shortest hems and breeziest days. Sometimes they’re even worn as a makeshift slip with shorter skirts.

Bikini: The original classic comes with an enduring cut and lie-flat fabric that sits right at the natural waist.

High Rise: Designed to elongate the legs, high-rise fits provide more coverage in the back and reveal more leg around the sides.

Classic Cut: Easy, collectible, and designed with every body in mind, this cut’s medium coverage is about as classic as it gets.

French Cut: Also known as the High Rise Brief, the French Cut features a high-cut angle that flatters and lengthens legs.

Girl Short: A tight short that sits high up on the thigh, the Girl Short gives a bit more coverage, but still feels flirty.

Thong: Designed with just a narrow strip of fabric in the front, exposing your cheeks in the rear, the thong’s minimal coverage means no VPL for a smooth overall appearance.

Boy Brief: Borrowed from the boys, this cut sits lower on the hips with other classic elements from his favorite pairs.

Control Top: A panel made of a heavier fabric content is included in some undergarments to provide extra support and smoother lines where needed.

Body Stocking: True to its name, this fitted hosiery provides sheer coverage from the toes to the bust.

Foundations: A “pre-war” term for undergarments, the word was used because of its similarities to concrete. Today’s undergarments have come a long way, fitting now like a second skin, allowing women to exist in their natural state.

Adhesive Thong: Designed to be invisible, the adhesive thong provides minimal coverage with no strings, straps, or VPL.

Nipple Cover: Adhesive lightweight pasties designed to cover just the nipple. Intended to be worn when no other undergarments are required or desired, so there’s no fear of nipple show-through.

VPL: Visible Panty Line. What happens when the outline of your underwear shows right through what you’re wearing. Opt for a thong to eliminate any evidence of VPL.

DC: Double Cheek. An unfortunate optical illusion that happens when you’re wearing the wrong undergarment and it gets caught, twisted, and outlines each cheek. Avoid doubling up with a boyshort or full coverage undergarment.

NST: Nipple Show-Through. When you free the nipple—and they become visible through what you’re wearing. This can be remedied by wearing molded bras with lined or padded cups.

Gusset Closure: Adjustable rows of hook and eye closures that can be used on the back of a bra or the closure of a bodysuit.

Lightweight: A nylon and spandex blend that provides optimal stretch and comfortable shaping with a weightless feel.

Contour: Our most secure compression fabric, this nylon and spandex blend provides super-smooth, high-performance shaping. Due to the fabric, our heavyweight undergarments may run tighter than our standard fits. We recommend sizing up.

Hosiery: This sheer nylon hosiery has the weightless feel of a second skin with light contouring that smoothes, supports, and gives you cleaner lines.

Bamboo: This lightweight bamboo made from rayon has a dryer hand than our other fabrics and the feel of the softest, coziest cotton delivering light support, a hint of stretch, and breathable texture.