The On-Rotation Kit


Normally $76 — $10 Savings

Social distancing alone? Good for you. Experience true pant-free bliss in our crazy flattering, super soft High-Waisted Boy Briefs. Why two? To keep one on rotation when the other is in the wash.

The Bamboo Starter Kit


Normally $108 — $13 Savings

Best way to feel pulled together right now? Pretty, comfortable underwear. Our fuss-free pullover bra pairs with 2 bamboo briefs—which in turn pair well with loose dresses, boyfriend jeans, and band tees.

The Lounge Kit


Normally $184 — $24 Savings

For the 8% of you who still want to wake up and get dressed, we offer the very best in beautiful, comfortable foundational pieces—including 2 briefs, our best-selling pullover bra, and a bodysuit.

The Upgrade Kit


Normally $168 — $20 Savings

Even if you wear sweatpants all day, you still need to put on underwear. Enter this 6-piece collection of our most comfortable full-coverage options to replace those embarrassing unmentionables you’ve been hoarding.

The Overhaul Kit


Normally $214 — $24 Savings

Stuck inside? Overhaul your underwear drawer. You know you’ve been meaning to. We did the shopping and packed every kind of bottom for any kind of outfit in one easy, 8-piece kit.

The Nicole KiT


Normally $86 — $11 Savings

This is the set you can rely on for comfortable coverage day-to-day. Warning: your lace sets may be taking a back seat.

The Seamless Underwear KiT


Normally $110 — $12 Savings

A curated collection of every seamless pair you’ll ever need, these are our picks for no VPL, nearly invisible coverage, and the smooth finish you’re looking for.

The Starter Demi KiT


Normally $110 — $12 Savings

An entreé into the world of undergarments that fit and flatter, this KiT includes an edited selection of our favorite starter styles in our barely-there, lightweight material.