Tie-dye Inspiration

Tie-dye Inspiration

We tend to think of tie-dye and immediately connect images from Woodstock, hippie fashion and 70s flower power, but don't let tie-dye fool you—it can actually be very fashion forward. When paired with sophisticated prints and unexpected colors, tie-dye can add an element of texture that really elevates an outfit. 

Denim is a great friend of tie-dye, but you can take that friendship to the next level by incorporating another item of clothing in a different color or a different print. 




Let’s take our new tie-dye colors as an example. Our Sea Glass tie-dye marries rich jewel-tone greens with sandy neutrals. Mix Sea Glass with a floral pant or a blouse that has green stems and leaves, and you’ve just taken your outfit from a five to a ten. 

Or take our Tiger’s Eye bodysuit—with black dye on Cinnamon—and wear it with a classic plaid or tweed. If prints aren’t your thing, try pairing Tiger’s Eye with a solid pant or jacket in an unexpected complimentary color, like aubergine or navy.



Abandon what you were conditioned to believe about tie-dye and go bolder. Think of tie-dye as a fashion neutral that can mix with the most unexpected prints and colors. Most importantly, have fun! Tie-dye is for the adventurous and the free :)