Simone's Choice: The Tap Short

Simone's Choice: The Tap Short

When Jamie and I first started designing our line 2 years ago, we each listed out the pieces that always lived in our styling kits─the pieces we knew would be essential to our collection. The Tap Short was one of my must-haves, but Jamie wasn’t so convinced. It took her some time to appreciate its versatility and its function, but now she’s just as obsessed with them as I am.

I love that tap short for a few reasons:

If you ask any of my friends who have known me for a long time, even in high school, I was never a thong girl. I’ve always preferred granny panties. When I got into styling, I realized that not only was the tap short a really comfortable staple in my underwear drawer, but that it was super useful for styling as well.

Our Kit Undergarments Tap Short is flattering, and you’ll feel cute when you wear them. We designed them intentionally with a high rise and a doubled waistband to give a little more hold across the small of your back. These design elements give the illusion of longer legs, a smaller waist and an hourglass figure. The fabric has a good amount of stretch and hold, meaning they suck you in and give your silhouette a little contouring, but not to the extent that you can’t breathe or feel uncomfortable. Think 50s bathing suit bottoms & Marilyn Monroe vibes for the modern woman. Almost everyone looks good in these shorts.

I learned all about the tap short from Jennifer Lopez. One of my first jobs with her involved a multiple appearance press tour that also included a few performances. Our hero looks for the tour were mostly mini dresses and short skirts. When we were packing up for the tour, Jennifer made sure I packed options of bike shorts in various lengths and in coordinated colors for all the outfits we planned. I saw how she used them and understood how essential they were for feeling comfortable and providing efficient coverage under short hems.

After the press tour, I never left for set without an assortment of bike shorts, booty shorts and tap shorts in my kit bag. The tap short gives you the right amount of coverage─which means security and peace of mind knowing that your lady bits aren’t on display. There are a lot of flashing obstacles we face in a day, whether it’s an unflattering camera angle, a gust of wind, dropping something that you need to bend over to pick up, having to sit cross-legged on the floor... If you’ve got our tap shorts on, you’re covered. 

I love the idea of something with a little more coverage than full butt underpants. With the tap short, you cover just the right amount of skin and if someone happened to see them, it's not like you’re flashing some heavy-duty shapewear. You never need to feel self conscious about being seen in these!

The beauty of the tap short is that you can wear them with a lot of things─not just short hemlines.  They are cute for bed or for wearing around the house with a big tee or sweater. You can style them under sheer fabrics. And because they’re flattering, you’ll feel good showing them off under a chiffon dress or a lace skirt. I literally wear them with everything. TBH, I even wear them with jeans, although as a stylist I wouldn’t professionally recommend them with stretch or tight denim, just because you may get underwear lines. But most of the time there is no VPL because the tap short’s leg openings are laser cut, meaning there aren’t any seams or binding around your butt or thighs.

I’ve curated some reference images of the origins of the tap short silhouette as well as a few inspo pics on how to wear them.