Simone in Paris + Transition from Styling

Simone in Paris + Transition from Styling


I just got back from a “creative” trip I took to Paris. I went for the Premiere Vision show, which is one of the biggest and best fabric shows in the world, and it was 4 days of endless inspiration.  As soon as I landed, I dropped my bags and booked it as fast as I could to Saint Ouen- to get to the puces, which literally translates to “the fleas.” But the Paris flea market is anything but. I spent all afternoon in this amazing shop, which went on and on with amazing, ribbons, laces, and fabric references—and the clothes were insane, too! 

The next day I headed to Premiere Vision, which is a truly incredible show. Apparel companies, fabric mills, packaging companies, interior design firms from all over the world, all come to Paris in September to present their fabrics, leathers, accessories, and home designs. It’s very inspiring to see all the innovations and trends, and it gives you a glimpse of where fashion is headed.

I was very happy to see such a strong push towards recycled fabrics and more eco-friendly packaging solutions, as the environment and our impact on it is important to me. Jamie and I spent an entire year researching alternatives to plastic packaging because I refused for our company to be one more company still using plastic packaging, when we know its proven harm to our planet. I’m so happy I went to the show, I found amazing fabrics for our new collection we’re working on and it was nice to just feel inspired.

Paris clips

I had one day in Paris left and spent it sprinting ;) I found some time to visit one of the puces again. I spent the day wandering the stalls, looking at fabric, vintage clothes, bric-a-brac and the most beautiful home furnishings. 

I got to see old friends—one in particular, Andrea Lieberman, who mentored me as a stylist and is still someone I look up to for advice as she too made the leap from stylist to business woman and founder of ALC. She is just one of those women who supports other women, regardless of whether you're in her line of work or not. She’s just dope. We had dinner and she let me pick her brain for a while. Side note, to those of you starting a business, make sure you have people like that. Find mentors, those who have done it before you and can help shed some light on the process and also help guide you. It’s so valuable!!!

For me personally, the only real job I’ve ever known is styling. Ever since I graduated college and got serious about my goals and career, I have been a stylist.  For those that don’t know, styling is a crazy business. You know those music videos with elaborate costumes and multiple look changes? Well, you only have about 2-3 days to do all that work. So you get used to working in an extremely fast-pace environment. The jobs and visions were always changing and were always new and because of that, I was able to constantly stay fresh and inspired.  Now that I have switched gears from styling to being the co-founder of a new business, I have often times struggled with how to feel content and creative while working on projects that are no longer the span of a few days, but now years! I’ve had to switch gears from being a sprinter to a long distance runner. And running a marathon has not been easy for me. I get so wrapped up in the day to day of making business decisions, that I forget to take care of my needs and remember who I am and what I bring to the table. I am a creative person, who needs to find inspiration in order to feel energized.  Thank God for Jamie. Whenever she sees me like that, she literally forces me out of the office! Half the time I don’t listen and the other half I do… and I am so grateful to her for that. 

Once a stylist, always a stylist. xx