What kind of underwear do I need in my top drawer?

We always get this question—from friends and from our clients. What are the absolute must-haves that every woman needs in her top drawer to keep her prepped for, well, anything. 

We believe that you can never have too much of the underwear that you love and feel best in. Underwear is just one of those things, where you should always be prepared. But, if we had to limit it down to the underwear that would keep you—and your bum—covered for all situations, here’s what we know you need. 

You can never have too many thongs, but always have a laser cut thong (to avoid vpl) and a high-waisted thong on hand. Keep two types of briefs in your top drawer, too: a high-waisted brief with full coverage in the back, and a classic brief that sits a little lower on your waist but offers the same coverage around back. We also think that having a tap pant on standby is always good for when you’re wearing skirts or dresses that are on the shorter side and you don’t want to show too much. Then there’s your girl/boy short, which we think every girl needs as her essential, comfy cozy sleep underwear.