What are the essentials in your kit?

What are the essentials in your kit?

Whether we’re on set or prepping our clients for the red carpet, we never leave home—or the office—without our kits. These are carefully curated bags that contain our absolute essentials. These are the hardworking all-stars that have gotten us out of binds more times than we can count (top stick and safety pins, we’re looking at you). From alterations on the fly to stain removal on the run, we could not do our job without, and swear by, these stylist saviors.

Pasties – For when you don’t want a nip slip of any kind.

Top-stick tape – For when there are gaps in the buttons of your shirt or you even just want a collar to stay in place. Perfect for when your hem comes undone and you don’t have time for a trip to the tailor.

Lint roller – No stray hairs, lint, or fuzz, especially on darker fabrics.

Needle and thread – We keep these in neutral colors for when we have to stitch something quick.

Stain removal wipes (Simone’s tip: Eucalen Wipes) – Great for removing small stains at the last minute.

Clear nail polish – The quickest way to stop a tear in a nylon from running.

Fabric scissors – For when you decide your midi dress would look so much better as a mini, these—and a steady hand—do the trick.

Hair spray – The fastest way to get rid of static cling.

Salve – An oil-based salve is the quickest thing to ease a stuck zipper.

Safety pins – When you need to make minor alterations and don’t want anyone to see.

Bandaids – Because accidents happen.

Crazyglue – Sometimes things come undone and crazyglue is the only thing that puts it back together.

Black towels – The foolproof way to remove visible deodorant stains on darker fabrics.

Ruler – Because on-the-fly alterations should always be even. And you never know when you’re going to have to take measurements for a costume or custom dress for an upcoming event.

Clothespins – Best for sets and shoots when you can really pin clothes without anyone seeing.