How do I know if it fits?

A bra only works if it fits you properly, which is why we want to help you find a style and size that’s right for you—and your girls. So how do you know if what you’re wearing actually works? Here are the tips to help you know when something’s working, and let’s face it, when it’s not.

  • If the back of your bra is pulling up. It should sit comfortably in the middle of your back.
  • If your bra looks like it’s cutting into your skin. It should create a clean line against skin.
  • If your boobs are pouring out, it’s time to size up.
  • If there’s any pulling on any part of the bra.
  • If there’s loose material in the cup and it doesn’t sit snug against the breast, it’s time to size down.
  • If any boning or wires are digging into your skin—wearing a bra shouldn’t hurt.
  • If the adjustable part of the bra is at its tightest, since material tends to stretch out and it’ll only get looser from there.
  • If the extender on your bra isn’t hooked comfortably in the middle.

Bottom line: A bra should always lay smooth on the skin. There shouldn’t be any puckering or spillage. It should look like it was made for your bod. If it’s the right size, it will fit like it was.