4 Niche Startups to Watch

The whole lingerie and intimates market is changing thanks to an influx of new brands — often digitally savvy and sold directly to consumers — working to solve pain points, fill niches and target shoppers that mainstream companies (*cough* Victoria's Secret *cough*) were neglecting.

Broadly, there are a couple of different ways in which this seems to happening. There are brands like Savage X Fenty and Parade aiming to serve a wide breadth of shoppers with inclusive sizing and marketing as well as accessible price points. Then, there are the labels that start small and cater to a specific segment of consumers or set of needs. It makes sense: Lingerie is a crowded market, one that's still dominated by a handful of huge companies. New players need to offer something different if they want to succeed.

Do you have small breasts and feel like even bras that are "your size" don't quite fit correctly? There's a brand for that. Looking for comfortable maternity or postpartum lingerie that's also cute? There's a brand for that, too.

Below, we've highlighted four brands that are building businesses by serving the needs of consumers who were previously ignored by — or not satisfied with — the traditional lingerie market.


Rather than focusing on one specific bodily concern, The KiT Undergarments' bras and underwear are more about the clothes you put over them.

The brand was founded last year by celebrity stylists Jamie Mizrahi and Simone Harouche. Like any good stylists, they have always come to their clients equipped with the right undergarments to support and hide behind any given look. Now, with The KiT Undergarments, they're offering their best-kept secrets to everyday consumers — think solution-based nipple covers, seamless bras and underwear, bodysuits and bra extenders.

"We have had to search high and low for the perfect undergarments and found ourselves creating things that didn't exist in the marketplace," explains Mizrahi. "We wanted every woman to have access to a 'stylist' — someone recommending the best products for underneath anything you may be wearing."