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Celebrity Stylists Simone Harouche and Jamie Mizrahi Launch New Intimates Line, The KiT

The new line aims to help "take the guesswork out of getting dressed."

Is an intimates line the new beauty range? It would seem so given that Rihanna and Kim Kardashian West both have their own, and that celebrity stylists Jamie Mizrahi (formerly the creative director at Juicy Couture) and Simone Harouche have today announced the launch of The KiT.

Two years in the making, The KiT is the brainchild of the stylists – who among them count the Kardashians, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie as clients – and has been designed with women of all shapes and sizes in mind. Speaking to WWD about the launch, Harouche said, “We work with so many different women and different body types and we’ve seen what our clients go through, what our friends go through. Women always ask us, ‘What do you use for that? How did you get this look?’ We felt that the transition from styling to undergarments is the foundation of getting dressed.” Mizrahi adds, “We’re helping set the foundation for everything that you may be wearing. Undergarments are your second skin. They kind of set the tone. It’s the first thing you put on and it’s the last thing you take off. ”

The collection, which launched overnight, includes bodysuits, wireless bras and underwear, as well as sets (called Kits, naturally) named for occasions including the Cozy Kit and Strapless Black-Tie Kit. The pieces are available in seven shades and come in either bamboo cotton or a lightweight nylon-spandex blend. Given the pair’s background, there’s also handy things like breast tape, nipple covers and bra extenders on offer, too.

As for what sets the brand apart from its competitors, Mizrahi said, “I think the things that people are going to find the most interesting are the things they don’t really know about. Like the adhesive thongs, our pasties, our nude illusion body stockings; things that you haven’t really seen before. Hopefully people will start to understand how to use these things at home, people who don’t have a stylist.”

And to help people understand how to use the items at home, both women will share their styling tips and tricks on the brand’s website, via videos, meaning you can give your next look the celebrity treatment, without having to fly to Hollywood.

The launch follows that of Canadian celebrity stylist Karla Welch’s new styling service, Wishi, which pairs customers with other celebrity stylists to curate a new look (or a whole new wardrobe).