Get to know your breast shapes: Archetypal

Get to know your breast shapes: Archetypal

Now that we’ve seen which styles suit wide-set and splayed breasts, let’s take a look at the archetypal breast shape — the shape most commonly catered to in the bra industry.

Our lovely case study subject? My co-founder, Jamie Mizrahi. I am identifying Jamie as an archetypal 34B (lucky lady). When we took these photos, she was breastfeeding, so the tops of her breasts were a bit fuller than normal. Pretty much everything looks good on her, and I’m not just talking about bras—but this is still a helpful exercise to show how all of our styles fit her differently. Even with archetypal breasts, certain shapes accentuate & flatter more than others do.

The Classic Demi and Triangle Soft Bra are Jamie's go-to Kit bras. Let’s see how they measure up against our other styles.

Classic Demi Bra

Classic Demi Bra: 3/4, Front, and Side

Notice how the cup binding and the straps are sitting flush against Jamie’s skin when photographed from the side. With the right size, you should not have any gaps, and the cups will be snug without digging in or creating any indentation in your side profile.


Triangle Pullover Bra

Triangle Pullover Bra - 3/4, Front, and Side

I love this style because it is great for most breast shapes & sizes. Notice how the fabric of the cup lays flat against Jamie’s chest; there is no loose or baggy fabric in the cup. The elastic band also lays flat underneath Jamie’s breasts, offering support and gentle lift.


Triangle Underwire Bra

Triangle Underwire Bra - 3/4, Front, and Side

As I mentioned in my introductory post, the Triangle Underwire Bra can be an intimidating bra. The cup is pretty shallow, so if you have center-facing nipples or breasts that are close together, I would not recommend this bra for you -- you might find that your nipples are always trying to escape from the bra. This bra is great, however, for wide-set or oval breasts. 

From the front, this bra looks good on Jaime. But from the side, you can tell the fit is not ideal. Because they are not wide-set, Jamie’s breasts do not fully fill out the sides of the cups. I think Jamie’s girls may be too close to center for this bra to really serve its purpose.


Molded Plunge Soft Bra

Molded Plunge Soft Bra: 3/4, Front, and Side

This bra looks great on Jamie. From the front and from the side angle, her breasts sit inside the cups for a nice shape and comfortable, wireless lift. 


One take-away from this case study is that even the archetypal breast shape has favorites. Jamie may look great in anything, but it’s clear that the Classic Demi Bra, Triangle Pullover Bra, and Molded Plunge Soft Bra are the winning styles for her. 

Curious about your breast shape or have an interest in volunteering to be the subject of my next case study (please!)? Email me at and I’ll get you more acquainted with your breasts than you ever dreamed possible. 

Looking forward to styling you.