Jamie's Award Season Picks

Jamie's Award Season Picks

I've always wondered why “Awards Season” has to start before the world goes back to work at the start of a new year. Over the past 10 years, I've found myself working over the holidays, scrambling to see who’s in the office, who’s not, when they’ll be back, when clients can have fittings... For a celebrity stylist, there's no such thing as a 9-5 schedule with set holidays. It’s more likely that you’ll take a Tuesday and Wednesday off in the middle of the week than a Saturday or a Sunday--especially during the month of January. But this never bothered me because work has always been so rewarding. My clients are fun to be with, and who doesn’t love to play dress up?! As with every job, there are always struggles: the scrambling of dresses. The last-minute tweaks with the tailor. A panic when the fitting doesn't go as anticipated. Your client getting stuck in Africa on holiday, only to make it back to LA for her fitting the night before the Globes. But with styling, even the struggles (usually) feel really fun.

My favorite red carpet moment of my own was Riley Keough's look at the Globes. With that beautiful black satin bow in the back, it's something I'd still put her in today. And those are always the best red carpet looks--the timeless ones. I also love to see how stylists and the women they dress take something you've seen on a runway and give it life.

Below are some my favorite red carpets over the years: some of my work, some of my peers' work, and some looks from the stylists who inspired me to get into this crazy business. 

Riley at the Golden Globes in Chanel Couture, 2017
This look feels timeless, cool, and young but still elegant and sophisticated. The red lip gives you that iconic Chanel look and the little hint of leg makes it feel more fresh and youthful. Pairs with: X-Nipple Cover in Black + Seamless Thong in Onyx

Kate Hudson at the Golden Globes in Valentino, 2003
I love this dress so much--everything about it. The print is at once bohemian and elegant, and it embodies Kate perfectly. embodying the exact girl wearing the dress. It feels effortless and timeless, but still special. I like that the jewelry is minimal so you can focus on everything else: her skin, the fabrication, the flattering fit. It feels different and cool and I’m just a FAN! Pairs with: Bandage Tape in Nude + High-Waist Thong in Sand

Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars in Ralph Lauren, 1999
I mean, this is a pretty obvious one. From to the color to the cut, this is a timeless, statement look. Hair, makeup and accessories can really make or break a dress and I think that’s where a stylist has to come in and set the tone. I love that the hair, makeup, and jewelry here are clean and minimal. 
Pairs with: Petal Pasties in Nude + Seamless Thong in Sand

Sharon Stone at the Oscars in Vera Wang, 1998
This is just so cool and iconic and unique. I’m always appreciates setting a trend instead of following one so I say: do what works for you, what makes you feel comfortable and confident. And if that’s a white button down with a black tie satin skirt, so be it! 
Pairs with: Molded Plunge Soft Bra in Sand + Seamless Thong in Sand

Michelle Williams at the Oscars in Vera Wang, 2006
I love a marigold, a color that feels a little off but is so, so, so beautiful. This is a color that not many people think to wear on a red carpet, but it really stands the test of time. Pairs with: Bandage Tape in Nude + Seamless Classic Cut Brief in Sand

Diana Ross at the Academy Awards, 1982
If anyone can pull this off, it’s Diana Ross. Again, it’s so important to bring your personality (or your client's personality) to what you’re wearing. People can tell if a dress doesn’t feel like something the woman would typically wear. Looking good is feeling good in the skin you’re in--and that starts with your undergarments, of course, but is also represented in the clothes you wear! Pairs with: Bandage Tape in Nude + Seamless Thong in Sand

Lauren Hutton at the Oscars in Christian Dior, 1975
This multicolor, goddess-esque dress is one that not everyone could pull off. And the photo of her leaving the show in fur will forever be an iconic image. It’s fun, it's not too serious. But it's still elegant, still so Lauren Hutton, so 70s, so angelic! Pairs with: Bandage Tape in Nude + High-Waist Brief in Sand

Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars, 2003
It’s different and her skin looks so beautiful. The whole looks reads so “I'm not trying but I’m obviously trying,” which I think is always great for an awards show. This is a dress that wouldn’t have worked on everyone but look effortlessly perfect on J.Lo. Pairs with: Bandage Tape in Nude + Seamless Thong in Sand

Grace Kelly at the Oscars, 1955
I love an accessory: a hair barrette, a piece of jewelry with a story, a pair of gloves. Pairs with: Convertible Push-up Bra in Sand + Seamless Thong in Sand 

Stay tuned for my favorite picks from this awards season. What are yours?