A Letter From Jamie

As I sit here thinking about what launching a brand means to me, I find myself putting my hand on my heart and taking a long, deep breath. I feel anxious, overwhelmed, excited, frustrated, empowered and tired as ever. I’ve always been inspired to create—to create something from nothing and watch it live in the world, for others to enjoy. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked in many different environments, all in the world of fashion. I’ve absorbed tons of information and different energies (good and bad), I’ve observed some of the most talented people in the world, learned, collaborated, and grown as an individual. I see the world so much differently now than I did even when this idea was first conceived. Not only am I different, but the world is in such a different place. I am grateful for the past, I am here in the present, and I am curious (and tbh scared as hell) about the future. I am, by nature, an anxious person. I send out invites assuming no one will show up to my party… anticipate the worst and hope for the best. I think that’s why I’d been so scared and apprehensive to embark on something of my own. 

Being a Creative Director (for Juicy Couture), I had a template to work from, one that had already been created, and was put in a job to redirect that vision (while keeping that original Juicy girl in mind). It’s not to say that none of that’s hard work—because let me tell you, it is, and it was. But, I’ve never started anything from scratch. I’d never been given the chance to, and maybe I was never really ready to create something from nothing—something that originated from me and my real, true, authentic self. And, this process has been what’s forced, and allowed, me to uncover who that really is.

Being a stylist, I'm able to stay behind(ish) the curtain. I help to create a vision and execute it while letting someone else live in the limelight. My job has taken me places I never imagined I would go—on world tours, on movie sets, and working side by side with people, who are living out their once-in-a-lifetime childhood dreams. But the greatest styling lesson I’ve learned along the way actually has nothing to do with clothing at all. It’s about a feeling. I’ve seen firsthand the power of a woman with confidence, who feels strong, beautiful, comfortable, and loved. My own journey has led me to realize that there is no magic dress or stiletto that gives us that feeling. It comes from within. And my gift is giving my clients the freedom to feel confident in their skin so that they can continue to achieve their impossible dreams. I am bringing The KiT to the world because I want every woman to experience that feeling.