Why did we name the company Kit Undergarments?

Why did we name the company Kit Undergarments?

So why is it called Kit Undergarments?

As stylists, our kits are the one thing we couldn't work without. It’s where we keep our best-kept secrets and all the tools, tricks, and tips that can save the day when disaster strikes.

From safety pins to pasties, top-stick tape to towels, bras, thongs, c-strings and everything in between, our kits are a carefully curated collection of the items that do it all, help us in a pinch, and solve problems that inevitably happen right as we’re getting our clients ready. 

Like when our client changes her mind about her look and wants to change at the last minute. Now, it’s not a problem! Whether she ends up in a sheer dress or a halter jumpsuit, we’re always prepped so that our kits contain any—and every—undergarment we could ever need, all in one place. 

What happens if a zipper breaks or a stocking runs or something (or someone) accidentally spills? Our kits are a stylists’ survival bag, always on standby especially when it comes to “last looks,” where we get a chance for final touch-ups before our clients walk on stage or onto the red carpet. When it’s showtime, it’s go time, so our kits have to be at the ready for whatever can happen.

And because we’ve spent over a decade between us figuring out what works—and what works best—we wanted to make this collection available to every body, and share the items in our kits with you, at home.